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Our permit and consultation processes include the following:

  • building new docks and piers,

  • repairs to existing docks,

  • placement of shoreline riprap for erosion control, 

  • building of new seawalls,

  • repair to existing seawalls,

  • dockable verification of property,

  • dock ownership transfers,

  • and more.


We work with local contractors, as well as local and state entities, on your lake projects. We do the research for you. We compile your information and documents for submission. We create your permits based on your work request. We process and submit your applications, as required by all agencies, and provide the necessary follow up on all of our client applications. 



We provide detailed consultations on the permits required for your project. 

We document necessary information and present to you the best direction for your permit acquisition.

As a client of Lake Permit Services, LLC, we are readily available to assist you, in answering your permitting questions. Our consulting knowledge is key and is all yours.

Permit Processing

Permit processing for lake projects can be an overwhelming task. Don't do it alone.

We prepare and submit your documentation to all local and state entities, based on your individual project requirements.

With our years of experience and thousands of hours exposure in permit acquisitions, let us do the research for you.


Our timely responses and real time updates are key to your and our success.

We are in communication with all involved in your project. We communicate with your builder, NCDEQ, NCDWR, Duke Energy and all other municipalities involved in your permit requests.

We work together to ensure that you and your lake property asset are protected.



We provide referrals and options for reputable dock builders and dependable shoreline contractors within your lake community. 

We also work in conjunction with your builder to supply accurate documentation to the appropriate affiliates.


As a realtor, do you need confirmation that your newly listed property is dockable? Or a dock transferred into the property owner's name? Contact us to guide you. We are knowledgeable of the procedures in verifying and permitting your requests, on behalf of your seller or your buyer.

Our Commitment

We are proud to say, our customer service is unparalleled. Our commitment to our clients surpass expectation. We take pride in our work.

Feel free to review our customer testimonials for reference.

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